Quality Notary Service documents notarized:

Immigration Documents 

A Notary  public is allowed to notarize your documents but is NOT allowed to assist in completing legal forms.

Certified Copies

A Notary  Public may only certify copies of Power of Attorney and his/her notary public journal.  Certified copies of birth or death certificates or marriage records may only be made by the State Registrar or County Recorders.  If a notary public cannot certify a document copy, they might instead use a "copy certification by document custodian" procedure by having the document holder present a statement attesting to the accuracy of the copy to the Notary.  The document holder will swear or affirm the truthfulness.  The notary is acting on the custodian's signature, vouching for the copy's accuracy.    


Quality Notary Service Documents Notarized

What documents need to be notarized?

Documents Notarized

Refinance Loan Documents

Loan Modifications

Reverse Mortgages

Escrow Documents 

Title Documents 

Estate Planning documents


​Construction documents

Time Share loans

Car title loans

Structured Settlements

Advanced Health Care Directive

Power of Attorney 

Employment Law documents

​Personal Injury documents

​Real Estate law documents

​Community Association documents

Financial/Investment Documents 

Permission to travel 

DMV paperwork

Bank site closings

Hospital Signings



Pre nuptials

Foreign Language documents